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Who is James Yap's New Girlfriend? No, It's NOT Isabel Oli!

Publish Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 2:52 PM

Basketball star James Yap has a new girlfriend. But only a few know the identity of the mystery girl. According to reports, even his teammates at San Mig Coffee haven't met her. Why so secretive, James?

Contrary to what many are thinking, it's not Isabel Oli, the rumored girl he dated after his split with Kris Aquino. Even Baby James, aka Bimby, once blurted out that James girlfriend was 'Isabel.' But no, she is not the new girlfriend we are talking about here.

A report from ABS CBN News says the new girl is Italian while an article at Spin.ph says she is Italian-Australian. But both reports fail to identify her. At least, we know she has Italian blood. That narrows it down, somehow.

James Yap has been very secretive about his relationships after his breakup with Kris Aquino. or maybe that's how he really is. The probinsyano from Negros Occidental has been very shy in talking about personal issues even while still married to Kris. In contrast, the president's sister can't stop blabbing about her personal life, even now.

So why is everyone so interested in James Yap's new girlfriend? Why aren't we as interested in the personal lives of other basketball stars? Simply because James' name is still  attached to Kris Aquino's popularity and people want to find out who he 'replaced' her with.

And when her identity is finally revealed, people will scrutinize her no end and compare her to Kris. Adobo Talk PH

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