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The Cardinal Tagle ‘Campaign Jingle’ Gives Me Goose Bumps! (VIDEO)

Publish Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013 | 1:26 AM

Have you heard of the ‘Cardinal Tagle For Pope Campaign Jingle’? It’s been making the rounds of TV news reports this week after its composer posted the video on YouTube last week.

Created by ‘latigorapper,’ this writer first heard the ‘campaign jingle’ last week and my first reaction was amusement. But, as the song played, goose bumps started creeping all over my body and I couldn’t finish the jingle any longer.

Why the goose bumps? No, not because of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle’s chances of becoming the next pope. No, not even because of Pinoy pride at his chances.

And no, not the lyrics because it was okay.

So why the goose bumps? Because of the music! Out of thousands of tunes available out there, why set Cardinal Tagle’s ‘campaign jingle’ to The Village People’s YMCA? Why?

Sorry, guys. But I just can’t stand that song. And my apologies to latigorapper as well. Adobo Talk PH

Update: Of course, we know by now that Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle was not elected pope. Was it because of this jingle? Maybe the Vatican feared more of the same type of songs may proliferate if he becomes pope. (LOL) 

Video Credit: YouTube / Latigorapper

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