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Vicki Belo Preps Angeline Quinto For Cosmetic Surgeries on Saturday

Publish Date: Friday, April 19, 2013 | 3:46 AM

Angeline Quinto will go under the knife, and needles, this Saturday for a number of cosmetic enhancements under Vicki Belo. According to a report on ABS CBN News, Quinto will undergo cosmetic procedures for her nose, eyes, cheeks and back. Oh, the armpits too!

For her back, Angeline Quinto wants Belo to suck out the baby fat via liposuction. According to the singer, she has already lost some weight but cannot get rid of the baby fat on her back. But is liposuction the only answer? How about exercise?

Quinto will also get botox treatments on her armpits to stop excessive sweating, fillers on her cheeks to balance her face, and corrective procedures on her eyelids to get rid of, as Belo puts it, ‘sad eyes.’

Lastly, Angeline Quinto wants a smaller nose. She said people have long told her that her nose is too big for her face and now that she lost weight, it has become more obvious. Thus, Vicki Belo will help her get the nose she wants.

But isn’t a cosmetic procedure on the nose risky for a singer?

Unlike other celebrities, Angeline Quinto has openly admitted to cosmetic surgery. She has lone revealed that she has been under continuous glutathione treatments for some time. Now she has no qualms revealing the more ‘intensive’ procedures she needs to achieve the look that she wants as a singer and actress.

If all goes well, the next thing Quinto needs to address is her speech. A good speech therapist will definitely be a big help to her. Adobo Talk PH

Image Credit: ABS CBN

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