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Peñalosa Brothers Win Their Fights in Macau in Viloria-Estrada Undercard

Publish Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013 | 1:20 PM

Dave Penalosa and Dodie Boy Penalosa Jr. both won their boxing matches in Macau tonight in the undercard of ‘Fist of Gold.’ Dodie Boy stopped his Thai opponent in the third round while Dave defeated another Thai in the second round.

Both Penalosa brothers were devastating in their respective fights. But it was Dodie Boy who provided a more dramatic bout after being knocked down in the first round by Ngaotawan Suthsaithong. That knockdown drove Dodie Boy to seek revenge against the fast-punching Thai. And, in the second round, he evened the score by knocking down Sithsaithong.

But any hope of a retaliation by the Thai fighter was dashed when Dodie Boy Penalosa Jr. struck his opponent’s body for another knockdown. It proved to be the end for Sithsaithong.

Meanwhile, Dave Penalosa seemed to have no problems with his opponent, Cheroenchai Sithsaithong. Dave knocked down the Thai fighter in the first round before the fight was stopped in the second round.

‘Fist of Gold’ features the Brian Viloria and Juan Francisco Estrada fight as the main event. Adobo Talk PH

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