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Claudine Barretto Posts Letter to Mom Inday But Keeps Mum on Family Feud

Publish Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 12:48 AM

Claudine Barretto thanked her mom for always standing by her side despite many trials. In a letter posted in the June 2013 issue of Yes magazine, Claudine Barretto finally said more than her usual  short messages on Instagram since the family controversy began.

“I don’t know where to start. I have so many things I want to thank you for & say. I am so blessed to have you as a mother. Thank you Mom for loving me and taking good care of me all these years. Thank you for being there when we need you & being my strength apart from God,” said Claudine in the letter.

She also apologized for all the hurt she has caused her parents though Claudine did not elaborate.

“Thank you for holding my hand when I’m scared or hurt. Thanks for being a friend. I love you so much Mom. I thank you and Dad for giving me such a great childhood. I’m so sorry again for the many times I have hurt you,” she wrote.

But missing from her letter was any mention on the Barretto family feud that made headlines several weeks ago. A feud that started when an Instagram basher of Julia Barretto, allegedly Claudine, started attacking the young star online. Gretechen and Marjorie Barretto soon came to Julia's rescue and posted messages about Claudine.

That led to the now infamous letter of Inday Barretto disowning Gretchen, and the rest is history.

When will Claudine finally break her silence on the issue? Let's just be patient and wait. Adobo Talk PH

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