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Jed Salang Now 'Public Enemy #1' on Twitter After Ai-Ai's Physical Abuse Allegations

Publish Date: Monday, May 20, 2013 | 7:15 PM

Overnight, Jed Salang became 'public enemy number 1.' This after Ai Ai delas Alas confirmed rumors that she and Jed Salang had separated after only 29 days of marriage. But what angered many was Ai Ai's allegation that Jed Salang physically abused her and only 'used' her.

In a tearful interview with her 'ama' on The Buzz yesterday, Ai Ai revealed the reasons why she left Jed. According to the comedienne, their marriage bubble burst after she realized that she was paying too high a price for a marriage that she wanted to work despite the hurt.

Since formally becoming Mrs. Jed Salang in Las Vegas on April 4, the couple had two big fights and, on the second, she had to leave him because of the physical abuse.

Due to these 'revelations,' sympathizers of Ai Ai took to Twitter and vented their anger on Jed with 'hate tweets':

And just like that, Jed Salang replaced Nancy Binay as the most-talked about Pinoy on Twitter. Adobo Talk PH

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