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Will GMA 7, Jessica Soho File Charges vs Vice Ganda For Rape Joke (VIDEO)?

Publish Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 12:33 AM

The negative reaction to Vice Ganda's rape joke on Jessica Soho is snowballing and, reports are, GMA 7 and Jessica Soho will file charges of slander against the Kapamilya comedian.

During Vice Ganda's concert last week, one of the segments of the show was 'Vice Ganda XXX' wherein he portrayed a bold star. In the said segment, the comedian made fun of several media personalities and wondered what would happen if they were bold stars. One of these was Jessica Soho.

Vice Ganda made fun of her Jessica Soho's physique and wondered what if she was raped.

The audience laughed but people at GMA 7 did not. Jessica Soho Vice President for News Programs at GMA and the network reportedly feels Vice Ganda besmirched her reputation with the tasteless joke.

According to FashionPulis, GMA was reportedly set to file charges against Vice Ganda but someone 'powerful' close to to the comedian was able to convince the powers that be at the network to change their mind. However, when the video of the joke on Jessica Soho was posted online, the network decided to go ahead with the charges.

Do GMA Network and Jessica Soho have the right to file charges against Vice Ganda?yes, they have every right to do so. But filing charges and making it stick are two different things.

We are no lawyers at Adobo Talk PH but we think there was no malicious intent on Vice Ganda's part. The joke may be tasteless and uncalled for but it is just what it is - a joke. The joke may have hurt someone or someone's reputation in the process but that was not the intention of the joke - it was made to make people laugh.

This issue will hopefully be resolved by an apology from Vice Ganda. Adobo Talk PH

Image Credit: ABSCBN News

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