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Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia? Rumored Romance of 'Showtime' Hosts Denied

Publish Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 | 3:40 PM

Coleen Garcia's name has been thrust into the Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil breakup. This despite Billy's statement on The Buzz that there is no third party involved in his split with longtime girlfriend Nikki Gil.

So where did the Coleen Garcia issue come from? Well, from netizens who have too much time in their hands thus resorting to posting malicious innuendos online.

The issue erupted on Vice Ganda's account after the comedian posted a picture of the 'It's Showtime' gang eating out. Missing from the photo are some members of the cast including Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. And the rest is history.

The intrigue did not sit well with some followers of Vice Ganda on Instagram who admonished the intrigeros to stop. Later, an angry Billy Crawford butted in with this statement:

“What the hell is wrong with you people? There is nothing about me and Coleen! You guys are just so wrong man. May problema kayo sakin ako na Lang. Wang Nyong I damay manga taong walang kinalaman sa hiwalay naming ni Nikki. Punta kayo sa Abs harapin Nyo ako. Lakas Nyo magsalita tunkol sa kung anong ng yayari eh. Pero wala kayong alam!!! As much as im lost and unhappy. You guys got major problems with your lives. Narrow minded people! Open your eyes and look in the mirror and ask your self. Are you content with your life talking about others? Of course not, you guys are perfect! May God bless you all!!! Not even being sarcastic. Bless you all.”

Crawford made it loud and clear in his live interview on The Buzz last Sunday that the cause of the breakup was him - he is lost and wants time to find himself.

Later, Vice Ganda also chimed with this remark: "Hope u guys who are busy meddling in Billy/Nikki issue found REAL HAPPINESS with what you're doing. God bless!”

So there, there is nothing between Billy and Coleen. You heard it from the horse's mouth! Adobo Talk PH

Image Credit: Instagram / ABSCBN

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