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Gretchen Barretto vs Claudine Barretto Fight on Instagram Part 2?

Publish Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 | 7:53 PM

Gretchen vs Caludine Barretto on Instagram part deux?? While may parts of Luzon are submerged by flood, an Instagram war has erupted. Gretchen Barretto is in a war of words with an Instagram user named '@marjoriekabit' and, from the looks of it, Gretchen thinks it is Claudine.

The war of words started after Gretchen posted this photo of herself with Tonyboy Cojuanco. Suddenly, @marjoriekabit butted in and started attacking Marjorie. Gretchen didn't let it pass, of course, and the two have swapped comments since then. They are still at it.

Lately, some of Gretchen's friends have joined in.

marjoriekabit Gosh nakakahiya na kayo. Bkt hnd magwork si marj to support her children

marjoriekabit Get a life

marjoriekabit And marj even denying her child with recomm?

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit does it seem like it matters to me it does seem like you are so envious that you need to make an account to bash uspity you, you keep stalking us.

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit it is pure joy to know you are so consumed by our lives keep it going keep stalking we know who you are. Hope you take sometime to rest & take good care of your 2 kids & most of all hope you find time to get the mental help you need. Medical city or perhaps rehab. Peace be with you.

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit why don't you meet with atty. topacio?

marjoriekabit I will never get envious with your life. I'm contented with my life. I don't wanna be a mistress just to have a luxurious life

marjoriekabit You and marj are so pathetic.

marjoriekabit Sending Claudia in bsm is a surprise because I know marj doesn't have enough money for the tuition there knowing that she doesn't have stable job. Unless she has a new sugar daddy. If you know what I mean

panang30 Well done@gretchenbarreto say it very well with grace and class

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit you are contented with your life? Is this why you are stalking & bashing us you must be high again .you don't have a luxurious life because you pushed & fought everyone in abs Cbn. Why is it your business where Claudia goes to school unless you are dying in envy. You are playing holy when everyone knows all your politician boyfriends left you the minute they found out about your drug use & mental problem.

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit Marjorie has businesses FYI she can afford to send the kids to school

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit you don't want to be a mistress ? The question is ... Does anyone at all want to be with you ? Your husband has filed for annulment already my dear. Wake up. With that kind of attitude you will have no one

marjoriekabit @gretchenbarretto yes she has businesses but where does the capital comes from? It came from you and with the cojuancos. Dominique feels like you already gave too much for Marj's family. She even called Marj's family dependent and parasite. So now tell me that I'm lying? @gretchenbarretto

marjoriekabit At least I'm still married. How about you? Are you contented with being called a mistress and Dom being an illegitimate child?

marjoriekabit @gretchenbarretto

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit yes I am. Because tony is with us. He stood by me all through 19 years. (that means something) Dominique means the world to tony & that says it all you are married only until the annulment is granted. Your husband is not with you. What tony has done for me , no married woman will ever expirience

panang30 Winner ka talaga @gretchenbarretto nakarma na sya look at her now paawa effect sya sa tv

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit do not put words in to Dominique mouth . I don't need the money of the Cojuangco. FYI - I have a career, I pay taxes . You don't

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit you breath Marjorie. You are pathetic. Your anger is over flowing. Peace

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit why don't you Instagram about yourself. Tell everyone how you treat the people who work for you . How many helpers have you put to jail for theft ( obviously lies) your made up stories. These helpers have families who are helpless . Is this what makes you happy? Seeing & knowing people are miserable .

marjoriekabit FYI, I pay taxes

marjoriekabit @gretchenbarretto

marjoriekabit Why are you using Tony's money to support Marj and her family? @gretchenbarretto

cloie_03 @marjoriekabit Loser!

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit It is pointless to argue with a mentally ill & drug addict. You go get help , maybe after then ill have the time for you.

ayetothedee @marjoriekabit crazy! go la greta!

tessjunxco16 Very obvious who is @marjoriekabit. Sana magkaroon ulit direction ang buhay Nya. Stay strong Ms @gretchenbarretto. Truth will prevail.

cloie_03 @gretchenbarretto i admire you stay strong!

Who is the person behind @marjoriekabit? Is it Claudine Barretto? The account is new, and it seems it was set up for the sole purpose of bashing Marjorie Barretto and Gretchen.

Here's another exchange this time at @marjoriekabit's Instagram:

marjoriekabit @micsylim

gretchenbarretto Oh I'm so flattered

gretchenbarretto I am not going to take it from you anymore. I will speak if I must.

marjoriekabit What are you going to speak ? You know nothing @gretchenbarretto

irangaco Go la greta!!!!!

gretchenbarretto @marjoriekabit you will soon know what I know .

marjoriekabit @gretchenbarretto what is it that I don't know?

marjoriekabit Maybe you just making stories to prevent my comeback from abs @gretchenbarretto
Will Inday Barretto come to the rescue of Claudine again? It will be recalled that the Barretto family feud earlier this year was sparked by a similar exchange by Gretchen and a basher she insinuated was Claudine.Adobo TalkPH

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