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iPhone 5S Gold Selling Price in the Philippines is P76,600! Seriously.

Publish Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013 | 11:24 PM

The iPhone 5S has arrived in the Philippines, two weeks after its launch. But its selling price has left many Pinoys stunned, to say the least. The gold iPhone 5S is selling for P76,600!

That's right, P76,600 for the iPhone 5S Gold 64GB edition, the top of the line units of the latest Apple mobile phones. Other varieties are selling for a little bit less, with emphasis on the 'little bit.'

The lowest priced unit is the 16GB iPhone 5S in Space Grey at P37,900! Here's the complete price list of the iPhone 5S range from online seller Kimstore:

Space Gray - 37900
Silver - 43500
Gold - 53800

Space Gray - 40400
Silver - 46300
Gold - 60700

Space Gray - 43800
Silver - 49200
Gold - 76600

So why are is the iPhone 5S, especially the Gold edition, so pricey? It's because of the law of supply and demand. Everybody wants one, and with Globe and Smart still mum on the launch of the units locally, expert sellers like Kimstore to take advantage with such hefty price tags.

The gold edition is especially rare. Word online is, the Arabs are buying almost all of the gold units intended for Asia. Even Apple stores in Hong Kong and Singapore have reportedly run out.

Still want to buy an iPhone 5S? Wait a few weeks for the prices to stabilize, or you can go abroad to buy it at Apple stores where the 5S sells for around P39,000+ (depending on the exchange rate). Adobo Talk PH

Image Credit: GSM Arena

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