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Kris Aquino In Love Again? With an Older Man? Who's the Guy?

Publish Date: Friday, September 13, 2013 | 9:22 PM

When Kris Aquino falls in love, it is always headline news. One, because she is a BIG celebrity. And two, because she always makes it public. Her life is an open book, Kris has said dozens of times before, and her latest 'romance' is no different.

No, Kris does not have a new boyfriend yet. Not officially, at least. As she admitted on Kris TV this week, no romance yet, 'text-text lang.'

Any clues on who the guy is? Well, maybe he's someone older. Kris said she is open to a relationship with someone older since this is what Bimby wants. According to her, Bimby thinks they won't kiss if the guy is older, shake hands lang.

For now, Kris Aquino is not revealing anything more about the new inspiration in her life. But expect her to drop more clues in the coming days. That's what always happens. Adobo talk PH

Image Credit: ABS CBN



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