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Freddie Aguilar's 16-Year Old Girlfriend Old Enough to be His 'Anak'

Publish Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013 | 1:27 AM

Yes, Freddie Aguilar has a 16-year old girlfriend! Shocking? Wait till you hear this: they're planning to get married and start a family! Is it even legal? We don't know.

Freddie Agilar was first spotted publicly with the 16-year old girl at the 2013 PMPC Star Awards for Music where he was bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award. Curious entertainment scribes then asked him who the girl was and he admitted that she is his 16-year old girlfriend!

As for marriage, Aguilar said he is willing to marry the girl but this would be impossible at this time due to her age, even though he has her parents consent. So they'll have to wait until she is of legal age.

They planning to have a baby, though. Yes, a real baby! Biological, not adopted! 

Freddie Aguilar is 60 years old now so this means that he'll be in his eighties when the child finishes college. Unless he or she is a genius and graduates by the age of 14!

Come to think of it, Freddie's girlfriend is old enough to be his 'Anak,' or even his granddaughter. Maybe, he should compose a new song for her entitled 'Apo'! Adobo Talk PH

Image Credit: ABS CBN

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