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Ateneo's AJ Ramos, Abby Santiaguel Sex Scandal Video Leaked, Goes Viral

Publish Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 | 1:27 AM

Remember the private school sex scandal we posted last week? Allegedly, Ateneo students are in the video. And the ADMU students have been identified in some social media posts as AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel.

News of the sex scandal first broke out on Fashion Pulis with the gossip site labeling it a 'private school students' sex scandal. However, no further details have been provided. Today, the scandal blew wide open on social media with copies of the video posted on Facebook, as well as few adult sites.

Dubbed as the 'Ateneo Sex Scandal' (although it was earlier tagged as a 'DLSU scandal'), the video shows a couple in various sexual positions. It is obvious that they are recording this themselves because they would glance at the camera once in a while.

Almost immediately after it surfaced online, the name' AJ Ramos' trended on Twitter. However, no further details about him or his partner, allegedly named Abby Santiaguel, are available. Their social media accounts are private and inaccessible.

Aside from 'AJ Ramos', the terms 'AJ Ramos Sex Scandal', 'AJ Ramos Scandal', 'DLSU Scandal', 'Ateneo Scandal' and 'AJ Ramos Abby Santiaguel Scandal' were also popular search terms.

Meanwhile, in some Facebook and Twitter entries, the AJ Ramos scandal video is reportedly just Part 1 of a two-part leaked footage. Part 2 of the scandal video will reportedly be leaked soon.

No word, as well, on how the video was obtained? Was this stolen from a laptop under repair just like in the case of Paolo Bediones? Or was it obtained in another way?

Are they really students of Ateneo? So far, no further details about the video or the couple are available. Adobo Talk PH

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