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LOOK Anjo Damiles Scandal Photos: Kapamilya Actor in All His Glory, Allegedly

Publish Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 | 4:54 PM

Scandal photos, allegedly of Anjo Damiles, are being shared online. The photos show Damiles is various stages of undress, with a couple of pictures actually showing his manhood in close up. Are they real?

Anjo Damiles Scandal

Alleged Anjo Damiles scandal photos have been circulating in various blogs and social media sites for months now. The pictures, taken on separate occasions, are actually selfies taken in one and the same bathroom. The bathroom tiles in the photos are evidence of this.

Most of the alleged scandal photos show Anjo Damiles only half-naked from the waist up. But lately, two photos surfaced online showing Damiles manhood in extreme close up.

Are they real? Is it really Anjo Damiles in the photos? Only he knows for sure. But the guy in the pictures really looks like the Kapamilya actor.

Anjo Damiles Scandal photos

Anjo Damiles Scandal pictures

And, one more thing, Anjo is really fond of selfies. He regularly takes pictures of himself in front of the mirror, whether inside a bathroom or at the gym. A quick check of his Instagram page reveals the number of times Damiles takes selfies. And, yes, some of his selfies shows him half-naked!

Does this prove that the scandal photos are real? Maybe.

For obvious reasons, some of the photos have been purposely blurred. But you can easily find the unedited versions online, if you know where to look. Adobo Daily News | Images via Twitter

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